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The fantastic story of our beginnings.

The reverence reserved for wine in most countries is in Belgium accorded to beer.

The History

The seed for the Trappe Door was planted in Sydney, Australia more than a decade ago. Owner Josh Beeby returned to his homeland and there, ironically, first visited an authentic Belgian restaurant. Years later, in the middle of a recession on the other side of the world, it seemed like the appropriate time to open the first Belgian restaurant in Greenville, SC.

Finding a Home for The Trappe Door

But where would the Trappe Door live? Many of the successful restaurants and bars in Belgium hide away in basements, surrounded by ancient brick, heavy wood beams and low ceilings. After searching downtown Greenville for such a location, one was found, hiding behind dilapidated drywall and years of trash in the basement of Barley’s.

What's in a name?

The Trappe Door name grew out of one of the oldest brewing traditions in Belgium — the Trappist Monks. While many monasteries in Belgium support themselves through the brewing of beer, most of them today, outsource the production to large breweries. But the Trappist Monks continue to operate from within the monastery and are world-renowned for the quality of their craft.

Inspired Food

If you play word association with most people, you say Belgium, they say waffles. While that’s not a total miss (check out our dessert list), Belgian food and beer is much, much more. The tiny European country of Belgium was desirable for its natural resources and strategic ports. Everybody wanted a piece. At various times throughout history, numerous countries and empires invaded, each leaving a cultural stamp on the country’s cuisine. Today, Belgian fare knows no bounds, building flavors from the surrounding farmland. Sweet flirts with savory with bold spices like nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger paired with earthy herbs like chervil, thyme and sage. Belgium’s generous shoreline brings plenty of seafood into the mix, including Belgium’s national dish, Moules Frites. Other classic dishes such as Carbonades Flamandes and Seafood Waterzooi live side-by-side with tapas-inspired dishes favoring smaller portions and more flavors.

Amazing Beer

Following in the same varied tradition, Belgium’s beer knows no bounds. According to famed beer journalist Michael Jackson (not that one) says that, “The reverence reserved for wine in most countries is in Belgium accorded to beer.” Josh Beeby, owner of the popular Barley’s located above The Trappe Door, has developed relationships with breweries and reps from around the US and world in the craft beer industry. The Trappe Door’s 10 taps and 150+ bottles contain the highest-quality Belgian beers and include some of the rarest beer available in the US today.

Come explore Greenville's best Belgian restaurant and bar.

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Mar 23rd
Feb 20th
Join Us for a great beer dinner this Monday the 24th at 6pm. Call the restaurant for more information and to reserve your spot!
Apr 24th

Tapping up 4 Sierra Nevada/Ovila kegs at 7pm tonight.